When Dr. Faust’s wife dies, his world is torn upside down. An expert in astronomy and astrophysics, the intellectual giant is used to order and logic, not the dark cloud of death. So he throws himself into a new world, turning to séances and the dark arts in an attempt to get in touch with “the other side,” a desperate measure to reunite with his wife. His wife, a clean soul, is probably in heaven, so Dr. Faust throws himself at the task, trying to send himself to the world above.

A true genius, Dr. Faust succeeds with one of his many experiments. He partially crosses over the void, entering heaven briefly and succeeding where all others before have failed. His method is perfect. Even if the person is far from perfect, and filled with sin, he or she is able to enter this most holy of places.

But his success does not go unnoticed. The Devil himself realizes that Dr. Faust has achieved the nearly impossible task. Although he is not able to go to heaven himself since he would lose his throne, the Devil realizes the power of Dr. Faust’s discovery. The Devil tells Dr. Faust that he will be able to bring his wife back to life and reunite Dr. Faust and his wife.

But this agreement, like most others, requires a binding pact. The Devil would require Dr. Faust to send him pure souls from earth. The purest of souls. The Devil doesn’t tell Dr. Faust why, but the plan is brilliant. If the purest of souls are sent his direction, the purity of Heaven will be diluted. This dilution can tilt the power of the universe away from God and toward the Devil himself. Chaos would reign.

Dr. Faust comes up with a plan. Dr. Faust will inform the public that he, the genius scientist, has found a shortcut to the other side, allowing people to be reunited with their loved ones. The catch – the subjects must be clinically dead for a few minutes before being sent through the shortcut. It’s simple and tempting. Who wouldn’t want to visit with the departed, the fathers, mothers, grandparents or even friends that have passed on and to the otherworld?

Still a scientist at heart, Dr. Faust knows that he must find a test subject before moving forward with the plan. He visits a hospital where he finds the perfect mark. Corporal Todd Grant is a wounded soldier who remains in the hospital, never having any visitors. Dr. Faust learns that Todd has suffered the most painful experiences of any parent – his young son has passed away, leaving Todd a broken man. Dr. Faust shares of the loss of his wife, and the two quickly bond over their losses. Todd quickly agrees to be Dr. Faust’s test subject, passing into the void and meeting up with his son.

A desperate soul, Todd allows Dr. Faust to enable his passage. But when he crosses over, he is met not by his son but by the Nefarious Angels, the Devil’s guards at the pass. Brought back to life, Todd realizes what Dr. Faust has not – that Todd has upset the gatekeepers by attempting to cheat the system. This allows the Nefarious Angels to enter the subconscious and even conscious world. In other words, the Devil has cheated Dr. Faust. The Devil plans on using this passage not for good, but as a direct route to Hell!

Corporal Todd also realizes that Dr. Faust is not as benevolent as he has sold himself. Todd decides to break away and escape from the evil doctor. He goes on the run.

Dr. Faust is not one to give up easily. He hires an underground bounty hunter, Devilina, to chase after the wounded soldier after promising her entry into heaven. Devilina, who has led a less than exemplary life, quickly agrees. She finds Todd, but rather than bringing him back to Dr. Faust, Todd is able to convince her that Dr. Faust is an evil seed, not an innocent man. Devilina falls in love with Todd, and the two lovers head toward Dr. Faust’s laboratory intent on stopping him.

But when they break into the lab, chaos ensues. Dr. Faust and his minions are a formidable force, and Devilina sacrifices herself to save her lover, Todd. Unfortunately, Todd is knocked unconscious, the world turns black.

When he wakes up, he is in a hospital room, his arms and legs bound to the bed. He’s trapped.

Todd hears the voice of the evil Dr. Faust…

“Carrying out the will of man comes with a glorious burden. Don’t be fooled by the perils of history, for we are all God’s orphans.”

Todd realizes that the situation is not good as Dr. Faust continues speaking. “You cannot kill that which has already made you a dead man.”


"Number 1 in sales at, top 10 on New Hard Rock Release Chart, Top 20 on Music Choice." These positions are usually acquired by established household name rock bands, but new comers Heaven Below have already taken home these accolades in the short time this Los Angeles based unit has been together. Fronted by Patrick Kennison on lead vocals & guitar, lead guitarist Lucas Kanopa, and rounded out by rhythm section John Younger on bass guitar & Shad Wilhelm on drums, the band is considered an upcoming force from the Sunset Strip. It was no surprise when the lead off single "When Daylight Dies" began making waves on active rock stations across the U.S. in the winter of 2012. Syndicated radio shows such as Hard Drive and The Rock 30 are no stranger to the Ben Moody (Evanescence) produced single which has been spun on over 50 stations across the country. Press outlets such as Hard Rock Haven have hailed Heaven Below as "the next Guns N' Roses". The New York Examiner described the live performance as "unbridled balls to the wall ferocity". With the buzz and momentum of the band growing, the opportunity to tour and spread the word beyond radio and internet hype has been inevitable. Last year the band recorded a searing version of Subdivisions by Rock And Roll Hall Of Famers Rush. The legendary William Shatner even lent his narrative voice to the track and it immediately gained notoriety in the hard rock community. The band has put several club tours under it's belt, sharing the stage with established bands and heavy weights along the way. With the anticipation of a new rock scene looming ahead, Heaven Below are preparing to release a brand new full-length studio album titled “Good Morning Apocalypse”. This concept album features no less than four legends of hard rock and metal making vocal cameos. If recent activity and praise is any indication of the future, the rise of Heaven Below will be a great one.

After achieving notoriety with its active rock hit “When Daylight Dies”, and its follow up collaboration with William Shatner on their cover of Rush’s “Subdivisions”, Heaven Below has just completed their most ambitious releases to date. “Good Morning Apocalypse”, a concept album that features cameos from such legendary artists including Udo Dirkschneider (Accept, U.D.O.), Lita Ford, Jason McMaster (Dangerous Toys, Watchtower), and newcomer Kobra Paige (Kobra and the Lotus), is poised to erupt.